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About PaNOG


  • PaNOG is a not-for-profit entity and is open to anybody to join who have interest in network operations and furthering the goals of PaNOG.

  • PaNOG is not a legal entity or have any such bindings and will work as informal group like all other NOGs around the globe for the same cause.
  • The purpose of PaNOG is to provide a common platform to exchange ideas and share information between technical personals involved in network operations to further improve the quality of Internet Access and other IP-based services in Pakistan.
  • The working committees of PaNOG comprised on founding members, researchers from academia and technical personals from public and private sectors involved in network operations.
  • PaNOG will work and operate as non-political group and will not allow any type of lobbying within the group.
  • PaNOG will not allow to discuss political issues except for discussions on technical aspects of political, legal or commercial matters that can affect or related to Internet Access in Pakistan.
  • Subscription to the PaNOG general mailing lists and social media groups is open to anyone, who wish to join.
  • The main channels to disseminate information and exchange ideas are mailing lists, social media group, workshops & trainings, conferences, Facebook page, PaNOG web site and regular meetings of members.
  • The founding and pioneer members of PaNOG will have the leading role in PaNOG committees, working groups and activities.


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