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Membership in PaNOG is open to any individual or organization with an interest in Internet operations, engineering, or research, who wishes to further educate and share their knowledge and experiences within the Internet operations community.  Your application for membership will be evaluated by the Membership and Development Committee, keeping in view your educational background, working experience and your interest towards the mission of PaNOG. 

Members in good standing shall be entitled to these privileges:

  • Entitled to special discounts in registration fees for trainings, workshops and conferences conducted by PaNOG.
  • Have right to vote in all PaNOG elections.
  • Can run as a candidate for the Board of Directors 
  • Can serve on an Standing Committee
  • Have access to online material specialy designed for members 
  • Other privileges or benefits as may specified by the PaNOG Board time-to-time.


Note: There will be no membership fee for a limited time period. If you are interested to join this group, fill the membership form online and submit for registration.

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