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Subscribing to the PaNOG List

The PaNOG mailing list provides you a facility for the exchange of information and to discuss technical issues related to network operations. Everyone from Network Operators, ISPs, Research Organizations, Academia and Government is welcome to join the mailing lists.

You can subscribe to the following mailing lists: 

PaNOG News/Alerts/Announcements


Using the list wisely

It is requested that please post the specific and relevant information at this list. Please always think before posting to the list, a common reason for posting to the list might be:

  • When you are facing a technical issue related to network operations.
  • Something isn't working as you believe it should.
  • You have a solution to the problem or just want to comment on it.
  • If you find out something of general technical interest, please share it with the list through fact filled post.
  • Any other useful information of mutual interest like trainings, workshops and seminars.

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